food from locals + world best chefs + unique community + farmer's market + food startups program + cooking school
unique project, organised partnership of Bali cooking and pastry school and Art Village project: foodcourt, representing the flavours of Indonesia. From local villages to famous chefs.
Best place to fall in love with Indonesia.
Indo.flavours market
Art Village and Bali cooking and pastry school special team up to launch a market of 5-6 cafes, opened by local village communities in cooperation with chefs, representing the flavours of Indonesia.
Best place to experience local food
Food is a universal language, a simple communicator, which is understood without words, which immediately identifies the uniqueness and distinction of each country, city and even an individual family.
How to tell about the country to the maximum number of people around the world? Develop interest? Take a unique position on a global scale?

6,000 populated islands
more than 300 ethnic groups calling Indonesia home
around 5,350 traditional recipes
30 of them the most important

Indonesian cuisine is a collection of various regional culinary traditions that formed the archipelagic nation of Indonesia,
5-6 cafes opened by local village communities in cooperation with chefs. Cafes represent the most famous and popular traditional dishes in Indonesia. This market is the place to explore food from all Indonesian archipelago, experience culture and art of islands living.

cafes with traditional food from local villages, farmer's market and cooking classes

local food market
every weekend we will organise local food market, inviting farmers and local food producers from all over Indonesia
villages cafes
3 cafes in the foodcourt will represent traditional food from all local villages
chef restaurant
1 big restaurant will be made with famous chef, who will create a special menu, representing one Indonesian region. Restaurant will work seasonally, changing menu and chef-curator each 3 month
cooking classes
Every week we will make cooking classes for everyone, giving people an opportunity to understand local culture through food. One day classes and monthly programs will available.
food startup program
Together we will organise food startup school for local community, helping them to start their own food business. We will support women, local communities and people in need.
cafes with food from local villages
3 cafes opened by local village communities in cooperation with chefs. villagers will work in the cafes. It would be used the products of the farmers of these villages. all profits go towards solving important problems of the community. these cafes will be also a way of economic changes for villages.

the best representative region food will be present in these cafes:

NASI UDUK from Jakarta
KAREDOR from West Java
GUDEG from Central Java
LAWAR from Bali
SATE AYAM from Madura
GULAI from Aceh
BABI PANGGANG from Sumatra
PEMPEK from Palembang
RENDANG from Minangkabau

famous chef restaurant
we will open a restaurant of an interesting world famous chef every season. the chef will live and work in the regional village, developing a unique menu of local products, working with, teaching and learning from local people.

cooking classes

organised by Bali cooking and pastry school will provide all kind of workshops for different levels: one day for beginners and monthly programs for people who want to become professional chef.
food startup psdogram

we will organise food business accelerator for people who want to launch their food business. we will give grants for best projects and ideas, helping people in need to create financial sustainability of their lives.
indo.flavours market
Unique project, that change lives of locals from food culture.