we are hiring
We are building a tourist&local hub with modern
accommodations for best "welcome Bali" experience.

International brand and chain of a next-gen touristic center, accommodation and community center for global travelers.
An era of global travelers starts. People travel for leisure, adventure and new opportunities. This movement forces developments of a lot of regions in our planet. And also create synergy and understanding of local life.

We are building a complex that will have public spaces for meetings, forums, markets, work together, commercial (that means profitable) spaces with interesting start-ups and impact businesses and accommodation in the "welcome Bali" format, helping tourists to feel the style of the new modern Bali in 2-3 days living in apartments, where every detail is created by the hands of unique people.
tourist&local hub
4000 m2 of space with interesting concepts of traditional and modern Balinese cuisine, a food hall where everyone can open their own cafe, a comfortable co-working space, a place for communities, a concert venue.
поп ап отель
A unique hotel where every room is created by interesting local people and residents, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs.
A community of interesting and active locals who are happy to meet fellow travelers and show you the unique Bali.
local buddy
We are hiring
We are looking for a project manager to join our team. We start with the organisation of festivals, markets, pop-up formats. We continue with the launch of a cultural and tourist center and a hotel for travelers.
Looking for a cool person to join the team!

What tasks will you face?
▪️ Develop cool concepts and plans for festivals
▪️ Independently organise festivals, markets, pop-ups.
▪️ Communicate with contractors, partners and sponsors.
▪️ Make sure everything is on time.
▪️ Implement planned ideas by any means.
▪️ Create "WOW" content - talk to people and find out what they need, look for partners, look for festival participants, communicate with experts, negotiate with all the cool people.
▪️ Maintain social networks, know all the tricks of Inst, Fb.

What is important to know about our team:
- It is important to honestly love what you do.
- It is necessary to count and analyse everything.
- Each team member is a product-owner of the process she/he leads and takes responsibility for the result.

Great if you:
▪️ You like to organise various events/holidays
▪️ You can negotiate with any people
▪️ When making decisions, you rely on numbers and business indicators
▪️ You know how to justify your point of view
▪️ Get what you want, don't give up
▪️ You know what to do and you can teach us something new
▪️ Constantly learning and developing
▪️ Do not be afraid to not know and make mistakes. Enjoy new knowledge
▪️ Do you want to work hard and achieve ambitious goals?
▪️ Proactive - you take the initiative, suggest what and where can be improved
▪️ Energised 24/7
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